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parsley honey

parsley honey

Parsley honey is one of the simplest things to make. It tastes good and can be used as a substitute in many different recipes. The recipe originated during the hard times of World War 2, when people found it difficult to get honey. It appears in many cookbooks of that time. This way of making honey is cheap and is great to give away as a present.

Parsley (Petroselinum Crispum) has long been regarded as a medicinal herb, being used to treat diuretic and stomach ailments. This recipe is probably not that healthy though because the prolonged cooking depletes the parsley of its minerals and vitamins, not to mention the large amount of sugar added to it!!

I made this recipe as the parsley in our herb garden grew so much that I had surplus. Besides freezing lots, I had plenty more still to use.


my trusty helper

Wash and roughly chop a large handful of parsley, including stalks. Place it in a pot and cover with water. Bring to the boil and boil for half an hour. Strain through a muslin square. To each pint of juice add 1lb of sugar and juice of 1 lemon. Bring back to boil and reduce heat. The sugar has to dissolve and the liquid becomes like a syrup. Pour into sterilised jars et voila.

This is delicious poured over a fruit salad or muesli and natural yoghurt for breakfast.


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today crept up out of nowhere and, all of a sudden, it was the deadline for submitting my first ever abstract for a conference. for some reason i am one of those people that leaves it to the last minute.  i am not exactly sure if i am happy with that trait though! laziness and procrastination seem to be a hindrance to my productivity and i find myself more stressed about how little time i have left to complete something rather than actually putting pen to paper. then there is the jitters from the anxiety attacks, not helped by the copious cups of coffee of course. imminently, there is the brain meltdown and total loss of confidence and an overwhelming feeling of giving up. but underneath all that fretting, a little voice coaxes me to keep at it.

anyway, the conference will be in seven weeks and i find out on monday if it has been accepted. it will be a miracle as i spent about two days thinking of a topic and less time putting it on paper. it will basically be a discussion of the manuscript tradition of the text I am working on and addressing the structure and presentation of the edition. So let’s keep fingers crossed.

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homemade autumn crumble

seren and i went picking blackberries and elderberries in the park last weekend. we had so much fun and it was hilarious seeing seren eat a bitter blackberry and crumple up her nose in disgust. she was a sight afterwards with her purple stained lips.  i got a lot of funny looks from passing strangers, falling into bushes, trying to cut down elderberries, while olwyn sat abandoned in the stroller. she thought it was pretty hilarious though. i wasn’t sure what to do with our findings so i thought i could concoct a crumble of sorts from scratch. all was going well – the sweet smell was filling the house. until i decided i better move the oven rack down a notch as it was up too high in the oven. bad idea. i took out the rack with the crumble and, in slow motion,  the dish slid to the ground! well i let out the loudest yelp, frightening the bejaysus out of the girls. i grabbed a ladel and spooned the contents back into the dish and shoved it in the oven. thankfully, i salvaged the best part of it. we all enjoyed it after dinner, laughing at silly mami’s antics :)

autumn fruits


Freshly picked blackberries, rinsed

Freshly picked elderberries, rinsed

Frozen mixed berries

two apples

a few drops vanilla essence

ground almonds

Crumble mixture:

100g butter

100g stoneground wholemeal flour

100g lavender sugar


Mix the crumble mixture through your fingers until it becomes a breadcrumb consistency. Fill a pie dish with the fresh berries and use the frozen berries to bulk it up. Add the chopped, peeled apples. Pour over a capful of vanilla essence and sprinkle a liberal amount of ground almonds over the fruit. Pour over the crumble mixture and pop it into a hot oven for about half an hour. Serve warm with custard, icecream or a dollop of whipped cream.

Don’t drop the dish! Enjoy…

autumn crumble

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