homemade autumn crumble

seren and i went picking blackberries and elderberries in the park last weekend. we had so much fun and it was hilarious seeing seren eat a bitter blackberry and crumple up her nose in disgust. she was a sight afterwards with her purple stained lips.  i got a lot of funny looks from passing strangers, falling into bushes, trying to cut down elderberries, while olwyn sat abandoned in the stroller. she thought it was pretty hilarious though. i wasn’t sure what to do with our findings so i thought i could concoct a crumble of sorts from scratch. all was going well – the sweet smell was filling the house. until i decided i better move the oven rack down a notch as it was up too high in the oven. bad idea. i took out the rack with the crumble and, in slow motion,  the dish slid to the ground! well i let out the loudest yelp, frightening the bejaysus out of the girls. i grabbed a ladel and spooned the contents back into the dish and shoved it in the oven. thankfully, i salvaged the best part of it. we all enjoyed it after dinner, laughing at silly mami’s antics :)

autumn fruits


Freshly picked blackberries, rinsed

Freshly picked elderberries, rinsed

Frozen mixed berries

two apples

a few drops vanilla essence

ground almonds

Crumble mixture:

100g butter

100g stoneground wholemeal flour

100g lavender sugar


Mix the crumble mixture through your fingers until it becomes a breadcrumb consistency. Fill a pie dish with the fresh berries and use the frozen berries to bulk it up. Add the chopped, peeled apples. Pour over a capful of vanilla essence and sprinkle a liberal amount of ground almonds over the fruit. Pour over the crumble mixture and pop it into a hot oven for about half an hour. Serve warm with custard, icecream or a dollop of whipped cream.

Don’t drop the dish! Enjoy…

autumn crumble

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  1. i seriously recommend this delicious dessert… probably the best crumble i’ve ever had! although, my mom used to make a mean peach crumble (or cobbler, or something like that) that i used to love too.

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