Conversation with a two year old

Today, I was sitting down with my eldest daughter, Seren, and having a little one on one time with her. She is becoming very expressive and is communicating her thoughts verbally. She has started to master the art of story-telling. Seren starts the story with lots of gusto – “one day there was a little boy who had a scooter…”,  but it looses momentum then and and her concentration dwindles. Seren usually gets  distracted and someone like her little sister grabs her attention because the latter has a toy that Seren thinks is hers.

So there I was, asking Seren what animals she liked. We went through the usual suspects – lion, giraffe, snake etc. And this is what she said to me as if it were the most important thing she has ever said in her whole life…

“I like wriggly worms, but I don’t like mooses because they do big smelly poos and they have huge bums like this!!”(extending her arms as far as she can).

This made me grin like  the cheshire cat. What a priceless moment…

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