Best friends… most of the time


 We are sisters and we are best friends (sometimes): that is when Olwyn is not taking my toys or I am not pushing Olwyn over! I love my little sister. She is so cute. We laugh a lot together, like when one of us says a silly word like “boinkydinkitydunk”

We like to hang out in the kitchen. Usually our plan of action  is  to see how long it takes to get on our parents’ nerves while cooking dinner for us. Our secret weapon is that we both whine in unison, which is usually a winner. On other occasions, when we ask really nicely, we get to make rice crispy buns and other nice things. But really we just like licking the spoon and bowl afterwards.

I like to look after my little sister when we go out for walks. Although it is often the case that I do not know my own strength and my Mami and Daddy yell at me to be gentle. I must remember to not put Olwyn in the death grip! I can’t wait until she is big enough and we can go out and explore together.

We also like to sing and read. I am teaching my sister words like “thank you” and “please” because grown-ups like good manners and for some reason it gets you more treats. Olwyn is really good at singing songs and our favourite at the moment is Jingle Bells and Old MacDonald.


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2 responses to “Best friends… most of the time

  1. Seren agrees with ‘herself’! She liked this a lot. xo

  2. Thank you for putting a big smile on my face :)

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