Shades of green…

I went into the garden to take some photographs of our ever-growing jungle yesterday. The garden is really coming into itself. There are many shades of green throughout. I am pleased with how the photographs turned out. Have a look!

It's a jungle in there.

The above photo is looking through the potato plants. We planted rocket in between the rows. It’s about done now and I am planning to make pesto with it this weekend. Yum!

Fuzzy fennel

The fennel towers above the herb bed and acts as a focal point in the garden. It is great to be able to just throw some on salmon and poach it.

Golden oregano and lemon balm

I love the contrast in the shades of the oregano and the crispy green lemon balm. I have used the lemon balm in vinaigrettes. It adds a zingy flavour. The oregano goes into pretty much every dish! The great thing is that it grows back so quickly.

Raspberry flower

The bumblebees are out in force now that the raspberry blossoms are out. Isn’t nature amazing. Look at those red thorns.

Lone soldier.

The lavender is just about to bloom and explode into a purple cloud.

Geranium "Ann Thomson"

This geranium is planted under the tree and the magenta flowers really add character to that corner, which before was void of colour.

You know, as much as we like to complain about the rain, I kind of really yearn for a good rainy day, because the garden just flourishes the next day.


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14 responses to “Shades of green…

  1. Nice post! I think the geranium and and the oregano are two of my favourite plants in the garden. Especially the oregano… so beautiful and useful.

  2. Beautiful. I bet homemade fennel is the best.

  3. Scared & Imperfect Mother

    Stunning pictures. I dont garden or even walk in sand if I cant help it. Would you mind doing my garden?

  4. What a beautiful garden! I wish we had the space for one.

  5. photokunstler

    That’s a wonderful garden!! Very impressive, and great that you’re eating from it! Pesto – YUM!

  6. Therry

    You never lost it your still taking a camera and you grow all this beautiful things and very appetising

  7. I love all your shades of green. That is one of the neat things out in the garden. SO many different greens. Truly amazing. Truly beautiful. Emily

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