I love radishes!

From little seeds great things grow!

The radishes have come up trump in the garden! At first, I was a bit reluctant for Peter to plant them. I mean, one is a bit limited when it comes to what to do with a radish, right? Thoughts came to mind of radish rose garnishes but besides that my mind went blank. Well, considering the amount of seeds Peter sowed, I had better come up with some ideas.  In his excitement at the prospect of future growth, Peter sowed all the seeds. We had reminded ourselves after our last glut of cabbages (which we fed half the neighbourhood with) to be strict advocates of successional planting. As you can see from the above picture, this was not followed through with. So now we have radishes coming out of our yahoos!

Luckily, I am now a reborn radish addict! I underrated the radish for far too long. Pulling up the first radish filled me with glee.

I spy with my little eye.

The moment of truth.

Et voila.

 This weekend I hope to make radish top soup. This name does nothing for it and my kids will probably think I am trying to poison them, ha. But I hear these leaves are high in antioxidants and all sorts of other goodness, so why not. It’s the same as with any vegetable soup. Sautee chopped onion and garlic. Add some leek or celery. Then throw in the washed radish tops. Wilt down. Then add a litre or so of chicken stock, with an added chopped potato or two. Simmer until cooked then blend. Serve with a dollop of cream. I would also like to try roasting the radishes. They will probably lose their crispiness but I bet they go good with a splash of balsamic.

I am so glad we have these growing in the garden now. It’s definitely been a learning experience for me anyway. But my children will probably have an aversion to radishes for life!


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10 responses to “I love radishes!

  1. girlfriend I am glad you do. My husband picks em right out of the garden too.
    I only like them sliced and hidden in a salad. Your pictures are as beautiful as ever!

  2. They are great radishes. I just like eating them like sweets. Best thing is theya re so easy to grow I can even grow them. Apparently I don’t have gree thumbs I have red fingers and can grow anything red but not green.

  3. xcinthecity

    I love radishes with salted butter :)

    You think we can plant this on our balcony? Or does it need a lot of room and soil?

    • I’d say they would probably grow very well in a window box or good sized pot. Their roots don’t go that deep. They are one of the easiest and fastest growing things I have sown.

  4. We are big radish fans too! I had no idea you could use those prickly tops though, will have to have a rethink right away. I’ve got a packet of multi coloured radish seeds to try, but we haven’t sown them yet. This year the big hit has been that red mustard leaf, the pigeons have left it alone, unlike my attempts at growing chinese broccoli.

    Good luck with your doctorate and thanks for liking my post today. :)

    • oo sow them straight away, they grow really fast. We had mustard last year and I am sorry I didn’t sow any this year. We were too late with the broccoli!
      Need all the luck I can get at the minute. Working on my first paper which I am giving at a conference in August, where over 550 scholars are attending – gulp. No pressure!
      Your post was lovely, yum. I love your crepe pan! One of my pans was ruined by an overzealous au pair who loved to scrub it. I found out too late. I cried :(

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