Dad’s delights

We went to visit my father last weekend. We always leave stuffed to the gills due to the good food consumed. A great effort is always made to make sure we eat well. This weekend was no exception. My husband, Peter, likes to raid the cheese drawer in the fridge. I should explain that since my father is Swiss, he is a keen cheese lover (as is Peter). Peter was not disappointed when he stumbled upon a stinky, creamy, gooey gorgonzola. This cheese was so runny. The smell was so strong that it could singe nose hairs and although a cheese lover can appreciate that a strong-smelling cheese is indicative of a good flavour, this cheese’s smell was maybe a bit too intense. It did not deter us from putting lashings of it on a french stick. Butter was not required due to the cheese’s creaminess. It tasted divine. So smooth and salty.

My other favourite thing I had to eat was a starter salad. The previous day my dad took us to the Milk Market Limerick. It was a great experience with many sights and smells of fruit, vegetables, fish, baked goods, meats, cheeses, coffee etc. Of course, when we first walked in we were met by a magnificent fruit stall. The figs looked sumptuous so Peter bought enough to feed an army. We rambled through the stalls tasting here and there. I especially liked the food stall selling dried salamis and cured meats. My dad bought a creamy goat’s cheese and a mixed berry tart. That had us sorted! So the next day, we had this starter.

It consisted of fresh salad from the garden topped with grated kohl rabi (also from the garden), a halved fig, a sprinkling of crumbled goat’s cheese. I picked some red currants to add a bit of colour. A nice Dijon vinaigrette was drizzled over the plate and served.

For main course we had fresh lemon sole which we bought at the market, served with new potatoes from the garden and my dad’s homemade tartar sauce. The fish was tossed in flour and fried in the pan for a few minutes.

Despite all the glorious food I had consumed, I made sure I had enough space left for that berry tart staring at me from the counter!


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15 responses to “Dad’s delights

  1. This is good food. The starter not only looks great, but has terrific ingredients, and the lemon sole main course is as simple and delicious as it gets.

    • Thank you! It was the first time I had kohl rabi, it was so good. Can never go wrong with figs. I am not a big fish fan but the lemon sole was beautiful. It was so soft and fresh. I also love mackeral fried in the pan like this.

  2. looks lovely! i love cheese too.

  3. I love how you said “That had us sorted!” I am ready to run off to the farmers market tomorrow! You have inspired me!

  4. Therry

    Yes that looks good on the plate and it’s as it always is the swiss have a passion for healthy food. Also I loved the art and mother studio text, I am just pleased that you have those wonderful memories. Thought that this has was not the case that means it wasn’t to bad the childhood, thanks be the god. As I write this I am in the studio and wondering where all the time went and my thoughts are way back to this time having you and Joel around me. Have a good Sunday!

    • I have lots of great memories, the bad ones are only petty tennage angst ridden ones ;) Thank you for giving me these good memories. I hope I can give the same to Seren and Olwyn xox

  5. it sounds like you all had a great time. The food sounds wonderful! yum yum. I am hungry now! Emily

  6. Our gorgonzola is never that creamy–more like goat’s cheese that flakes. This meal sounds so good!

  7. Those figs are making me drool! Great looking plates.

  8. I made a fig and goat’s cheese salad the other day too! We are overun with figs here at the moment. I’m just about to make some fig chutney to use some of them up. I’m going to need to buy some more jars, I think. Thanks for visiting my blog so I could find yours!!

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