Drip drip drop…

little April showers. This Bambi classic is a new favourite with the children. I love watching their reaction to the sounds in this song. Olwyn goes about the house singing “drip drip drop” to herself.

One evening, I enjoyed going out into the garden and taking photographs of the rain drops on the plants and flowers.

The children loved splashing in the muddy puddles :)

splish splash

Now – Rain, rain go away and come again another day!


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12 responses to “Drip drip drop…

  1. Great photos, fantastic how you captured the rain drop!

    I will have to look up the song as I don’t know it :(

  2. fabulous pictures. we just came through seven days of monsoon rain in Colorado. Incredible. Devastating hail wiped out our beautiful garden :(

  3. I love this song. It’s a shame in this high speed world they do no’t make these simple classic films anymore. One of my favourite films was 101 dalmations…sigh.

    Great pictures!

  4. Oh, thanks for including the video link! I haven’t seen that since I was a little girl, so it brought back such sweet memories. May have to watch it again. :)

    • Your welcome :) I don’t think it is possible to get sick of this song. It is just too sweet. It brings a smile to my face every time and I love watching my girls trying to sing along!

  5. Sigh… I really would love some rain to photograph right about now!

    • Let’s swap….How about you send some of your lovely sun over to us here in Ireland and I will blow all the rain clouds over to you :) It feels like Winter here! Even had a fire lit yesterday (in July imagine!!)

  6. I will gladly send you some of our south Texas sun and heat for any rain you want to send us. I love you rain drop photos. magical, they are. Emily

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