Onions, anyone!

On a  recent trip to my father’s allotment, I came across these kings of the vegetable patch.

On guard!

I could not get over how beautiful these onions were. They stood tall and proud.

Here are some drying in the sun.

Hanging onions

This spectacular display attracted much attention from other allotment goers!

Drying onions

 Seemingly not satisfied enough with the huge amount of white onions, my father had also sown red onions, which he harvested when I was there.

Fresh red onions from the ground.

 Once my father picked the red onions, he set about putting them into storage, in his purpose-built shed. The smell coming out of the shed was overwhelming!

Storing red onions

There were enough onions to feed an army! I am expecting a lot of French onion soup to be served up to us on our upcoming visits in the autumn!


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6 responses to “Onions, anyone!

  1. That’s truly amazing! I think I’d save a fortune if I could grow those in my yard. Great pictures!

  2. Love the picture of the hanging onions, beautiful :-)

  3. Nice onions! (nudge, nudge, wink, wink…) ;)

  4. how fabulous are those?!! Too bad I don’t live nearby…. Lovely pics

  5. oh wow those are beautiful. I love the photos of them drying. What a great harvest. My favorite way to use onions is to caramelize them and then use them on toast, pizza…gosh, so many things. Thanks for the wonderful photos. Emily

  6. They are so beautiful! I love the shots of them drying too.

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