doors in paris

This post marks my return from a foray into academic conferences and a week’s holiday in Paris. Both were enjoyable although I don’t think a trip to Paris with two children under four would exactly be described as relaxing! I have always been fascinated with doors of every shape and size and while in Paris, I took lots of photographs with the bestt intention to post on WordPress upon my return. But I can’t believe someone beat me to it with this beautiful post. So I thought I might as well add to the trend.

There are many big doors such as the one below:

or this magnificent door. Does anyone recognise what famous building the door below belongs to?

There are little doors dotted throughout the city. Blink and you pass by without even noticing them.

There are wide doors…

and narrow doors… (the mind boggles as to how people move bulky furniture in and out of doors like this one below!)

I came across several enchanted doorways such as this one. It looked so enticing.

Of course, then there is also beautifully painted and ornate doors such as these two. I love the grid-iron in both of these doors.

I can’t leave out the funky door! There is an Asian feel to this one.

There are also some very contemporary doors. This one is courtesy of my husband! Thanks Pete…

Some doors have been disguised…

You can’t have a door without a knocker! Here is one I came across.

Call me a geek but I am always saying there is a good coffee table book in the making from European doors. I am sure someone will beat me to that too!


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12 responses to “doors in paris

  1. Wonderful little visual essay on doors. Most Europeans moved their stuff on the outside of the buildings avoiding the narrow entrances. There is some kind of wench (is that what they call it) and they hoist the furniture on the outside of the building and bring it through windows which have been removed.

    • Thanks David for the nice comment! I have seen this technique in Barcelona alright but did not see winches evident in Paris. I am sure I just did not lool hard enough. Incidentally I think it is spelled winch, as a wench is a term used to refer to a permiscuous woman!.

  2. Had such a great time! The doors hidden by graffiti are cool. Paris is a special town and I can’t wait to go back sans les fils!! ;)

  3. I loved this post as well and maybe I am being a little cheeky here but isn’t the lead singer of the Doors buried in this special town :) By the way I took a few door pics as well and probably most of them are the same as we were literally following each other with our cameras.

  4. Oh I love doors. Also love handles and locks and anything ornate like iron work or finials. Your door tour is fantastic. I went to New Orleans last year and enjoyed taking tones of photos of doors, locks, knocker, gates, etc and when I got home and downloaded them I had the wrong setting on the camera and the files were so big I couldn’t even open them. I was so mad! I remember mom and I taking photos of doors in Italy back in 1990 too. So interesting in each country the different things you see, always seeming differnt that what is around you at home. Emily

  5. I love the doors in Paris too. Many of them are works of art.
    Kudos to you for doing Paris with two toddlers!

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