This is a little picture that Seren drew yesterday. I have been watching her develop her little tadpoles and smiley face techniques for a while now. She was always so proud of whatever she achieved on her own. For the last while Seren has been obsessed with colouring in large sheets of paper in a series of different colours and has abstained from caricatures. However, yesterday,  while I had my back turned, I could hear her chatting to herself while she was drawing. She seemed extremely involved and her sister, Olwyn, watched on curiously.  When I looked down at what Seren had drawn, this little person looked up at me. 20120214-215009.jpg

 I was told “this is Grossmami (a.k.a. Seren’s grandmother, who is Swiss). She is standing in a tunnel, where she is sheltering from the rain. The sun is coming out and a rainbow has appeared”.

I don’t think anything beats (for me anyway) watching a child grow and develop his/her ability to communicate and express him/herself,  be it through dance, drawing, painting, talking, singing, writing etc. A child’s imagination is a beauty to behold.


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8 responses to “Drawing

  1. Therry Rudin

    This is ‘Grossmami’, absolutely lovely drawing and I love how the nose is pointing up to the rainbow filled sky. I am always asthonished by childrens drawings and as an Artist I always take imagination from children works and mainly my ‘Gross Kindern’
    Thank you Seren, hope to see you soon

  2. Children’s drawings are some of my favorite things. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Great drawing and wonderful story she had to go with it. It is fun to watch and hear children when they are so caught up in what they are doing and the conversations that they have while they are completely involve in their world. It is magical. And then to have her tell you all about it. Again, magical

  4. It is magical, you are right. Thanks Emily. I wish I had the time to write down all the things she tells me and I say to myself I hope I remember that. They grow up too fast!

  5. Beautiful photos!!! Thanks for sharing your talent in appreciation of beauty!

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