I am a postgraduate student, in the fourth year of my doctorate. I am editing an Old Irish text, which is found in nine manuscripts. I have two young daughters, who keep me invigorated. Someone suggested once that the best time to do a Ph.D was when you have young children. This person failed to mention the lack of sleep that goes with the territory. My husband is also at university, studying landscape architecture. Therefore, many an evening is spent in our home studying and writing, once the children have gone to bed.
This blog follows the trials and tribulations of a mum trying to complete her Ph.D, while trying to maintain some grasp of reality!

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  1. jan

    Hi, Great joining up with you. Many of us are in the search of returning to nature, and living a more wholesome and full-filling life. I also love baking, crafts and writing (some work
    already published), Love my children and grand-children (always a source of delight) and the pleasantries of the seasons gifts, Autumn into Christmas being my fav times of the year. Love nostallgia and a traditionalist at heart thank God.

    • Hi Jan,
      Thanks for posting on my blog. Didn’t think anyone read it except for my husband! I would love to have more time to write on here, but there is always something on. I have a back log of ideas…
      Yes, autumn is definately my favourite time of year. At the start of Autumn in Ireland we have what is known affectionately as an “Indian Summer”, which is a brief spell of gorgeous weather. It also happens to fall on the first week back to school!
      I think it is important to pass on the skills of baking, crafts, gardening and identifying the uses nature’s gifts to our children. Sometimes I feel like most of these things are becoming a lost art form for many of the next generation.
      Good luck in your search!

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