Play time

Pablo & Petra

Stick Family

We like to play in our house – be it make believe, dress up, lego, puzzles or chasing. We try to incorporate lots of arts and crafts as well as music, singing and dancing. Seren particularly loves to paint and play Play-Doh. She likes to jump in muddy puddles, go to the park and feed the ducks and play in the playground. She gets so giddy when we say we are going to the park! Olwyn loves anything musical and absolutely lights up when we sing songs. At the moment her favourite game is crawling around after her big sister. Seren is a keen baker and general busy body about the house. Her chores include sweeping and laundry! Olwyn is in charge of pooping in nappies and drooling.

Every once in a while, when we are up to it, we make gloop with Seren. She loves this and it is a great way to use up time when stuck inside on a rainy day. Be warned though – it can get quite messy! All it takes is cornstarch and water. A few drops of food colouring can be added to give it  a kick. We use trays, bowls and spoons. Seren shovels the gloop around on the tray. The viscosity of the gloop amazes her. She loves the texture of it in her hands when she squeezes it.


Seren is a bit of a nature child. She loves putting on her boots and going to play in the garden. Her job is to mind the strawberry plants and scare away any cats, thinking of pooing in our plant beds. Her favourite spot in the garden, by far, is the herb bed. She goes around rubbing all the herbs and smelling her hands, muttering “mmm delicious” to herself. She is forever nibbling on the chives. Lately she has had an unfounded phobia of any little insects that buzz and fly, to the point of insanity. Luckily, she is growing out of it as fast as she attained that fear.

Seren, Marky Monkey and Anna

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