My journey into the realm of Celtic Studies began when I returned to university as a mature student in 2001 to obtain a degree in Early and Modern Irish in Trinity College Dublin. I went on to do a Masters in Archives and Records Management. As if that was not enough, I have now embarked on a research project for a doctorate in early Irish. I will be a student for life at this rate. Trying to complete this with two small children is not an easy task. But I am determined. It just might take a bit longer than some might expect!

My passion for the Irish language began at a young age. My family is Swiss and we moved to Ireland when I was still very young. I was not a very competent English speaker and yet my mother thought it would be fine if I attended an all Irish speaking school. It was no bother to me. In my youth, every summer I traipsed off to Irish College for three weeks. This is almost like rite of passage for most Irish teenagers. What teenager wouldn’t love three weeks away from parents, with their own peers. The time is spent immersed in the Irish language, in a rural part of Ireland.

During my late teens, I was not entirely sure as to what my purpose in life was. I tried my hands at science, dance and drama, public relations and photography. My father always said languages were my strength, but it fell on deaf ears. Anyway, at the age of 24, I took the jump and went to Trinity. Thus began my academic endeavours…

With this blog, it is my plan to track the process of my research. If not for anyone else, then at least for me, as it might serve as a useful reminder of how far I have come in the last ten years.

Aided Choncobair - Book of Leinster

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