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Sleep slaughter

Inner monologue – “In an ideal world, children under the age of five could put themselves to bed”. This thought runs through my mind presently. Does every night have to be a disaster? Why, oh why, do toddlers and babies feel the need to wind up their parents at bedtime. I know this attitude seems selfish. Of course, I chose to be a parent and this is all part of the territory. But I swear, sometimes it just gets a bit too much.

 I am sitting downstairs, frustrated, as I type this. I can hear World War 3 erupt on the monitor. Pete is upstairs wrestling Olwyn to go to sleep. Tonight is a nightmare. Sometimes I dread bedtime. We had a real rough time for a while about a month ago where it could take up to two hours some nights to put the girls down. Then it all calmed down and we had the best girls in the world. Happy days. We have the usual routine – brushing teeth, pyjamas, and story time. Yet when it comes to lights out, either one or the other acts up and decides to go bananas. I am trying to laugh at the situation and find the hunour in it. But I have to admit, there are times when there are very dark thoughts going through my head.

It’s getting heated up there now. Olwyn is having a fit that I am not there. She had kidney beans for dinner. Maybe that’s what has given her the energy! I can hear Pete pacing the floor. I wonder is Olwyn going to give in? Seren is in and out from under the covers like a yoyo. Of course, she thinks this is a game and laughs her head off at the situation.

Well, Pete is back down now with no luck had. He is pacing the floor down here now, stressed out, and we are sniping at each other. We have left them in the room to their own devices. They are crying intermittently but it is quieting down. Pete thinks we will laugh about this one day. I hope that is the case. Maybe when we are 55 years old and our grandchildren are causing our children the same heartache!

The plan was to go out and garden, but that, alas, is a no go for me. Pete has gone out to dig a hole in frustration! I think I will go up and face the war again in a minute. Wish me luck!

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