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Scary potty rawwwr

The potty has been lying around the house now for several months being used as a seat for teddies, a container for toys, a basin for catching balls etc. Olwyn had taken a particular shine to it, knocking it over and banging it on the ground. Seren would hover around it, threatening to sit on it. But her little bottom never made contact with it until last week.

I suppose Pete and I had been putting toilet training on the long finger. We have heard the stories of it going horribly wrong and taking forever. We thought best leave it until Seren is older and more ready. Time was a-ticking though and I was starting to get worried that she would not be trained by September and therefore not be admitted to her new playgroup. It’s terrible what pressure will do to someone! All the signs were there but Seren just did not seem too pushed to sit on the potty. We would let Seren run around for a few hours at home without a nappy on and there would be the occasional accident. However, on Sunday week ago, Seren held in her pee for the entire day until about 6pm. She got so upset and we could not figure out why. She was hopping around and bawling. Was she sick? Did she have a urinary infection? (It was only later in the week that we figured out what was wrong.) So Pete put a nappy on her and read her a story. After this, she was like a new person. She had done a pee in the nappy.

The next day I dropped Seren into the creche and noticed that two of her friends were being trained. Now before this, we had just been trying at home and had not mentioned it to the staff. So on seeing her pals taking the leap, I asked if Seren could join in on the fun. Kathy said sure and it would help Seren along seeing her friends at it too. Seren was in the creche for three days only last week. There was lots of accidents on day one and day two. Seren did not seem to grasp the new concept of her bodily functions and was so anxious and afraid of what was happening to her. She was unable to understand, the poor thing.

So on Tuesday evening, Seren and I came home. The nappy came off and she started her little dance again. She was not willing to sit on the potty to do a pee. But she was well able to hold it in. I eventually had to cuddle her while she was sitting on the potty and the urge became to strong for her to hold it in and she let it go. Well, saying she was amazed would be an understatement. She had to have a good look at what was happening and where the pee was coming from!

The next day, Seren went off to the creche. Kathy was all set with the patience of a saint. An hour later I got a call to say that maybe Seren did have an infection after all as she wanted to be picked up constantly. So we marched off to the doctor’s office. The doctor was brilliant with Seren. Unfortunately, she wanted to get a urine sample from Seren to rule out an infection. Now, trying to get an urine sample from a toddler, who wears a nappy, into a little tub is not easy, people!! Seren had only just wet her nappy but the doctor insisted we try. Attempt one was unfruitful. I tried the tap running, bribery, patience. It was not happening. Back in the office, we hummed and hawed as what to do. Then Seren started to do her little dance and we knew this was an oppurtunity. Off we trotted to the loo again. This time Seren was distressed again but she could not hold it in and did it half on the floor and I managed to capture it in the little pot. Oh, the ordeals of motherhood. The poor child.

Anyway, the sample was clear and we were sent home. I made a big sing-song to Pete how Seren used the big toilet at the doctor’s and that afternoon Seren did another pee in the potty with a little gentle persuasion from mother dearest.

From there on in, it got easier for her the more she learned that this was not something to be afraid of. Seren got more and more proud of herself.

The next day, there was nothing stopping her. The day after that, Seren even did a poo. Pretty much after three days she got the hang of it. I am so impressed with her. Eventhough she was fretting at this huge life change, she took it head on and embraced it. She was so good at it that two nights ago she woke in the middle of the night, took her nappy off, and asked to go to the toilet.

So now all I have to do is wean her off the Smarties, which we used as a reward for her achievements. Baby steps…


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